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by Brenda C. Smith
Have you been asked to repeat yourself, to speak up, or to be talked over at meetings? The sound of your voice can be enhanced so your listeners are not only …

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Dale Mercer’s Step Up and Speak!

by Laurie Wilhelm

Much of your success in the workplace relies heavily on how well you can communicate with those around you.

You need to be able to express yourself effectively. You need to be able to persuade others. You need to be able to influence your colleagues, staff, bosses, and clients. You need to know how to enthuse, inspire and motivate. If you know how to do these, you’ll find you’re more successful at whatever you choose to do.

Knowing how to speak effectively and present well in front of a group is key to your success.

Good communication skills are the master keys to success.

To assist you in developing and improving your communication skills, I’m on the lookout for good products and services that I believe will be of value to you. Recently, I purchased Dale Mercer’s Step Up and Speak! e-course. Here’s my review*:

step up and speak Dale Mercers Step Up and Speak!

Step Up and Speak! – Speaking Secrets

I thoroughly enjoyed Dale Mercer’s Step Up and Speak! e-course. He did a fantastic job of putting together an effective, useful, practical, well-organized and easy-to-understand e-course.

I was impressed with Dale from the get-go. His passion for public speaking is obvious as well as his sincere enthusiasm to teach others to be effective, powerful and successful speakers. He also walks his talk: you can tell that he’s a very good real-life public speaker just by listening to the sessions and watching his videos. They’re good examples of excellent speaking. Dale is what he teaches.

His approach to and method of public speaking teaching is unintimidating and he earnestly encourages the listener to realize that she too can be an effective speaker and presenter. Dale speaks to you as if you’re right there with him in a real-life coaching session; he’s a friendly and likable teacher.

Dale not only looks at what a good speaker is, but also gives clear instruction on how to become one. Equally important, he warns what doesn’t work so you don’t make mistakes that you’ll have to correct later.

Step Up and Speak! provides valuable information and techniques that are of great benefit not only to beginning and intermediate level presenters and speakers, but also to more advanced speakers who can learn some valuable speaking methods from this e-course. In fact, I’ve been a Toastmaster for a few years now and I learned techniques from Dale that I hadn’t even heard of or was taught in Toastmasters! He offers solid techniques and excellent tips on presenting and speaking that are helpful, realistic and, very importantly, doable.

His “blueprint” for effective speaking is well planned, organized and clear and he tells you what you need to know and why you need to know it. Everything Dale teaches works in combination to build confidence, poise, and professional presence.

Step Up and Speak! covers topics such as how to

  • prepare your presentation
  • create an outline
  • include power words to persuade
  • make your talk interesting so you command the audience’s attention
  • not to ruin your presentation with a poor conclusion
  • practice effectively
  • and lots more

It also reviews the essentials on creating an active and attention-grabbing presentation by using

  • gestures
  • props
  • voice tone
  • speed of speaking
  • facial expressions
  • and lots more

The bonus videos that come with Step Up and Speak are very good as well – particularly How to Speak with Persuasion. Dale he gives you several gems that you can use right away to persuade more successfully.

From students to executives, if you’re giving presentations, delivering speeches or just trying to make your point at staff meetings, you’ll improve your communication skills by integrating the techniques you can learn in Step Up and Speak!

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to improve your communications skills, Dale has the solution to your presenting and public speaking problems by sharing with you tools to access your speaking potential.

To excel in your career and to experience higher degrees of success, you must be an effective communicator. Dale Mercer’s Step Up and Speak! program will help you get there.

Order Step Up and Speak and the bonus videos by clicking here.

step up and speak Dale Mercers Step Up and Speak!

*Please refer to my Product Review Policy for details on how I review products.

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