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by Brenda C. Smith
Have you been asked to repeat yourself, to speak up, or to be talked over at meetings? The sound of your voice can be enhanced so your listeners are not only …

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Got Leadership Skills? People Skills That Get You Employed

Got Leadership Skills? People Skills That Get You Employed

by Crystal Jonas

Got leadership skills? Want a job? Companies are looking for leaders to move into executive positions.

The June 14, 2010 issue of Newsweek, reports “recruiters are desperate for top-tier talent.”

Jeff Joerres, chief executive of Manpower recruitment agency told the World Economic Forum earlier this year that “Thirty percent of employers across the globe continue to struggle to fill positions available.”

Best Skills to have to get a Job in Management or as an Executive

How are your tech skills? Tech-based professions such as logistics, biotech, health services and info tech means that top-tier scientists, engineers and computer types are ideally positioned for the best executive position openings IF

…they also have the so-called soft-skills associated with emotional intelligence and adaptability. Given the fact that China continues to grow economically, and businesses in India are expanding at 30 percent a year, comfort in other cultures could be the mother lode combo for a top job marketable resume.

So, if you’re not technical, what to do? We know for a fact that soft skills are a deal breaker. Doesn’t matter how technically savvy a person is if she or he can’t work in teams.

Can you teach tech people to strengthen their people skills? Might be an area to look into.

People Skills in the Workplace and Their Relationship to Emotional Intelligence Training

So, think about what kind of results you want. Let’s say you’d like to take your career to the next level, but you’re feeling, well like your soft skills aren’t good enough.

As long as you do nothing new, nothing new will happen. Your company does expect a certain amount of people skills as well as learning other new skills, processes, and/or procedures, yes? Emotional intelligence training can help with this.

Tiny changes may be all that is needed to improve your people skills. The following are for those who are quiet at work because, don’t kid yourself, sometimes people have weird misconceptions about those reserved types, thinking instead that their soft skills are lacking.

The stereotypes include: they aren’t friendly, they don’t like people, they’re cold and unapproachable. Trust me on this one, if people are getting that vibe about you, you are likely limited in career progression.

So, if you are more quiet and reserved on the job and want to improve your people skills, start talking with more people at work. Then just start with eye contact and saying “good morning.” Told you these were tiny changes. More ideas for tiny changes, when someone says something in a meeting, even if you don’t have anything else to say, say, “great idea” (Obviously, only if you really think so!) When you walk by someone who is wearing something that looks good on them, if you’re comfortable, say, “Nice blouse.”

See, baby steps, here. You will start to seem more friendly, open and approachable. As a result, your soft skills will improve, and so will your chances of success in the workplace.

Learning soft skills and people skills–it’s all a part of emotional intelligence training.

About the Author: Crystal Jonas, Your Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Coach – “Just one little tweak in what you say or what you do can make all the difference in getting to the top and being more successful in the workplace. Come visit my website at www.qualitycareertraining.com or my blog at www.crystalconsults.com Sign up for my free newsletters while you’re there. Call me at 719- 291-0366 and ask about speaking or coaching for you or for your business.

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