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Have you been asked to repeat yourself, to speak up, or to be talked over at meetings? The sound of your voice can be enhanced so your listeners are not only …

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Ideas for an Effective Presentation

Ideas for an Effective Presentation

by Nagma Chatterjee

While making a presentation, you need to include all information but you need to be careful that there is a difference between being informative and too much information. “Brevity is the soul of wit” goes the phrase which is so apt and befits this situation. Do not make the mistake of cramming each and everything in your presentation. Otherwise, it becomes tad wordy and long, making it difficult for audience to keep focus and attention making it a boring process.

You can include hand outs that can make a big difference and serve as an additional aid to the speaker. It is not necessary, though, that audience has read your notes in advance. While charting out your slides, you need to keep in mind that it should contain brief outline. For example, if you want to explain mission of your organization, then you can list one or two objectives on the slides but the handouts should have detailed information. Duplication of the slides in the notes is a waste of time.

As a speaker, it is very important for you to have strong hold of the subject. A presenter who just reads out text from slides fails to connect with his audience. The slides should have a line or two and the speaker should then follow it with an elaborate explanation.

Shorter and smarter explanations are eye-catchy and better at retaining attention. Avoid using complicated or tedious layout or fanciful fonts and effects. What matters the most is the content. Plain font and normal colors (exclude gaudy and bold colors) and simple fonts like Arial can be applied; using curvy or arty fonts beautify the slide but cannot be easily read by the viewers. Do check that font size is large enough to make it easily readable. Do not use designs, watermarks or complex patterns in the background.

When applied incorrectly multimedia applications can cause distraction and simply break your concentration. Audio and videos need to be wisely used to avoid it resulting into an interruption. If you choose to add multimedia content, do a dry run of the presentation to time yourself and maintain the tone of the same.

Rather than adding textual data, you can include charts, pie diagrams and tables so that it becomes easier to comprehend and faster to assess. Again, do not forget that these are used as supplements so use plain colors for charts and graphs. You can also use custom animation to attach your graphs and charts so that while presenting you need not scout for the same.

Application of the aforesaid points sounds time consuming and tedious, but if done makes your presentation successful, suave and bears a mark on its audience. You need to bear in mind, that this presentation is a representation of your company and will make an impression on your clients. Professional and error-free presentations is the key to success!

About the author: Nagma Chatterjee is an experienced author writing on various subjects. Try out various Presentations which are available at 24point0.

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