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Speaking the Truth in Humour

by Steve Wickham
My father-in-law has a spiritual gift that involves speaking the truth in humour. He’s been such a good exponent of it over the years that it’s proven instructive.
One thing I’ve heard him say …

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Leadership Skills Training

Leadership Skills Training and Leadership Characteristics

Leadership skills are just that: skills. To become a better manager, you must develop your leadership skills. There are many leadership courses and leadership classes that will guide you to becoming an effective leader. The Dale Carnegie Leadership Master Course, for example, is an excellent option because you can develop leadership skills at your convenience using CDs and DVDs or the immediate download MP3 format. No one will hand you the skills you need, it’s up to you to work on them. Take your leadership skills to the next level and distinguish yourself from your peers.


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The Dale Carnegie Leadership Master Course

Dale Carnegie was a master communicator and teacher. In this valuable leadership course, you’ll learn the hallmarks of leadership talent, motivating others and mentoring, inspirational leaders, opranizational leadership, leadership in balance, and practical tactics and techniques.


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On Becoming a Leader

To remain competitive in the 21st century, leaders have to shape, rather than surrender to, an increasingly hostile business environment. Based on interviews with hundreds of renowned leaders, this program will teach you the proven skills to take your employees, colleagues, and organization to the top today.


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Achieving Credibility: Keys to Effective Leadership

James M. Kouzes, a world-renowned expert on the nature of leadership. Whether you are a manager at your office, a CEO, a manager of your youth baseball team, a leader in scouting or at your local church, entrepreneur or a project manager at your job, the tools and techniques that Achieving Credibility gives you will provide inspiration and success at any level. You’ll discover the six diciplines of credibility, how to resolve conflict based on principles and not positions, how to cultivate leadership traits, and more.


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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Gain the habits and triumphs of the world’s most successful people, and you’ll see dramatic changes in your life. Unlock new levels of thinking and perception to create new areas of achievement and fulfillment. You’ll be able to concentrate your efforts to exceed your goals, renew yourself continuously both physically and mentally and gain many other benefits. Discover the best-selling principles of Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.


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The 7 Habits Master Series

We have whirlwinds of technological advances … changing tides of global, national, and local markets … merger storms … downsizing and structural changes – to name a few challenges we’re faced with. In a world of political and economic upheaval and an accelerated rate of change and uncertainty – it is more crucial than ever to build leadership qualities in all people, regardless of job level or organizational status.

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