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Speaking the Truth in Humour

by Steve Wickham
My father-in-law has a spiritual gift that involves speaking the truth in humour. He’s been such a good exponent of it over the years that it’s proven instructive.
One thing I’ve heard him say …

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Public Speaking Courses

Public Speaking Courses and Presentation Skills Training

Strong managers and leaders know that having effective public speaking skills are essential to their success. The better you can speak to those around you, whether they’re your boss, employees, staff or clients, the more they will listen. Improve public speaking by investing your efforts in practical and useful public speaking courses.

Listed below are public speaking courses that can an important impact how you present yourself and how well you can speak clearly, consisely, and influence those with whom you’re speaking. Your success depends, in great part, on your effective public speaking skills.


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Step Up and Speak!

Discover Dale Mercer’s public speaking course, Step Up and Speak. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to become an effective speaker by using Mercer’s realistic approach to public speaking training. This program is recommended by Express Yourself to Success (read review here) as a beneficial and effective public speaking course.


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Stand and Deliver

Few skills will make a greater impact on your everyday life than the ability to communicate effectively, and when it comes to helping people develop that ability to the highest possible degree, no one in the world can match Dale Carnegie Training. Based on their enormously popular and highly effective course, Stand and Deliver is the most complete, powerful, practical program of its kind, and contains the same core information people pay thousands of dollars and spend weeks of their time to get.


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Creating a Powerful Presence

In Creating a Powerful Presence, Bert Decker uses examples of these and other great communicators to illustrate the techniques he teaches — techniques such as using question-and-answer periods to add to the audience’s physical and emotional involvement, the use of video equipment both as a means to receive feedback and as a means to visually convey information, and the insertion of humor to reach the audience on a more personal level.

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